Jerry Hrdina



Howdy! My name is Jerry Hrdina. I’m from a small town called Cresco, Iowa. My home is on a farm in the country. Iowa has lots of farms and looks a lot like Hokkaido except there aren’t any mountains. In America, I used to be a caricature artist and I traveled to many places such as Florida, New York, Texas and Las Vegas. I moved to Japan in 2004 and I have lived in Chigasaki for over seven years. The Shonan is a beautiful place to live and I enjoy the view of the ocean and Mt. Fuji. My interests include drawing, music, and going for walks with my family. I also enjoy experiencing Japanese culture and food. I have made many friends in Japan and like to speak in Japanese even though I am still learning the language. I’m looking forward to helping you learn English so you can be excited about speaking a foreign language too!!

Himali Samantha

・出身国 :スリランカ(ロンドン生まれ) 
・出身大学:モラトワ大学(Computer Science & Engineering 専攻)富山大学(Intellectual Information Systems Engineering 専攻)国費奨学生として、日本に来ました。
Hello everyone!!! Since you are reading this, I am sure that you have taken the first step to improve your English. Mastering a foreign language as an adult can be challenging but it is also very rewarding. By learning a new language you get exposed to a new culture, and look at the world in a different angle. Most importantly it opens new doors in your life. I have been in Japan for more than 8 years now. I couldn't even say "konnichiwa" when I first came here and had a hard time learning the language. I am still learning your language but sometimes I even forget that I am a foreigner!!!
Hope to see you at Ever Green soon. Good luck!

小田 かおり

・出身国 :日本 
・趣味  :スキューバダイビング、旅行

Hello , everyone !
みなさんも、Evergreen English School で、英語で会話をしてみませんか?
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